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Contract information

Contract information


  • General Contract information
  • 24h roadside assistance
  • Replacement cars
  • Pickup and delivery service
  • Insurance
  • Technical maintenance and repairs
  • Tyre change and storage
  • Invoice administration
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24h Roadside assistance

24h Roadside assistance

In case your car experiences technical problems on the road or gets involved in a traffic accident and needs to be towed, Ayvens will provide 24h Roadside Assistance

Depending on the situation our specialists will:

  • Tire service – on-spot or at an Ayvens partner
  • Start-up assistance
  • Supply of additional fuel (5 liters)
  • Lock assistance (also in case of key loss)
  • Pulling out from snow / sand
  • Assistance with a traffic accident notification form and accident advice
  • If necessary, free towing to the nearest repair company / agency (according to the conditions set by the ALD)
  • If necessary, customer transport to the desired destination within the Estonian state (incl. Islands)
  • Assistance throughout Europe (excluding customer transport)

24h Roadside Assistance phone No: +372 630 8970

If you report your problem to Ayvens 24h Roadside Assistance service, towing services will be provided free of charge within EEA (European Economic Area).

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24h Roadside Assistance +372 630 8970
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Ayvens cars are insured for entire leasing period with CMTPL insurance (compulsory motor third party liability insurance) and CASCO insurance (voluntary motor own damage insurance).

CASCO insurance covers the peril of the traffic accident, natural calamity, vandalism or fire and theft or robbery. Please get acquainted with terms and conditions of CASCO insurance in leasing contract. Motor third party liability insurance is governed by the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act of the Republic of Estonia.

Damaged car shall be repaired by an authorized service provider of the specific make or by any other service providers approved by Ayvens.

If you notice your car is damaged or you are involved in an accident, please contact as soon as possible Ayvens Customer Service Phone No + 372 630 8960.

Please don’t initiate your car repair works without Ayvens prior consent.

If the car or it’s parts are stolen, please contact immediately police and then as soon as possible Ayvens Customer Service.

Never leave car documents in the car and keep the keys in a safe place!

Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents


What to do if you are involved in a traffic accident?

  • Keep your calm, evaluate the situation and act in accordance with the traffic and insurance rules;
  • Call the police if there are injured or the participants of the accidents don’t agree on the accident circumstances. Police phone No 112;
  • Call the rescue service, if needed. Emergency phone No 112;
  • If there are no injured and you agree with other participant(s) of the accident on the accident circumstances, please fulfill the form of „Accident report“ You can find the form of „Accident report“ between the covers of your car documents.
  • If it is not possible to drive the car or according to the traffic rules the car may not be used further in traffic, please call 24 Hour Roadside Assistance.
  • After registering the accident with the relevant authorities, please notify Ayvens Customer Service.
Technical maintenance and repairs

Technical maintenance and repairs

  • Technical maintenance has to be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations (refer to the Service Book)
  • All maintenance and repair works are carried out by service provider approved by Ayvens. All maintenance works have to be recorded in the vehicle Service Book

If you wish to apply for technical maintenance or repair:

  • Please call Ayvens or appropriate service center to make an appointment
  • Describe the maintenance or repair that needs to be performed. Should difficulties be encountered in identifying the problem, describe the circumstances and provide details
  • Present Ayvens Customer Card to garage receptionist prior performing any work

We appreciate your efforts to take care of your car by regularly cleaning it and checking the level of oil and other technical liquids.

No smoking in the car would be appreciated.

Customer Card:

  • With the Ayvens Customer Card our partners will recognize you as a customer of Ayvens, therefore please don’t forget to take it with you
  • All invoices for maintenance performed or purchases made will be sent to Ayvens.


  • Please present your Customer Card to service provider prior performing any work
  • Ayvens does not accept invoices issued by non-approved service providers
Technical check-up

Technical check-up

This service is optional. To find out if it is included in the contract, please contact your
fleet manager or check here.

Passenger cars

  • 1st inspection – 4 years after the date of the first registration;
  • next inspections – every 2 years after 1st inspection.


  • 1st inspection – 2 years after the date of the first registration;
  • next inspections – every year.


You shall follow up and ensure that the Vehicle meets all statutory requirements and periodic checks including the mandatory technical inspection are performed on time. Invoice for the mandatory technical check-up must be issued on ALD Automotive Eesti AS name and send by partner.

Replacement vehicle

Replacement vehicle

During your vehicle repairs a replacement vehicle is available at special price. If there is a need for replacement vehicle, please contact us:

Customer Service:
Phone + 372 630 8960

Replacement vehicle order has to be approved by your manager!

Pick-up and delivery service

Pick-up and delivery service

If this service is included in lease agreement, Ayvens will pick-up the car from your office and returns it back on the same address after the ordered works are done:

  • tire change
  • regular technical maintenance and other repair works
  • annual technical inspection
  • in case of replacement car service, replacement car delivery

This service is provided within territory of Tallinn.

Tyre change and storage

Tyre change and storage

Ayvens cars are equipped with the tires according to the respective seasonal requirements. The tires to be used during the next season are stored at our partners providing tire storage and replacement services.

Ayvens Estonia tire partners with Online booking option:

Ayvens Estonia tire partners – booking via phone call:

  • Jamboree OÜ, Jõhvi, Kaasiku 22a, phone no. +372 56225724
  • GBF Kummikeskus, Rakvere, Rägavere tee 42a, phone no. +372 325 4230
  • Rehvix OÜ, Viljandi, Raudtee 3, Viljandi, phone no. +372 43 49 388


Returning your vehicle

Returning your vehicle

The termination of the operational lease contract implies inevitably the return of the used vehicle to Ayvens.

Please get acquainted to the Vehicle Restitution Guide. There you will find a detailed description of the vehicle return process and clear guidelines on which you company car will be assessed
upon return.

Please ensure that the car is clean (both the interior and the exterior), with all options and accessories and the fuel tank is not empty (indicator is off).

Fuel card

Fuel card

  • With Fuel Credit Card issued by Ayvens you can purchase fuel,
    car related goods (e.g. washing liquid etc.) and pay for services
    available at petrol stations.
  • Invoices on the goods and services will be sent to your
    company together with the monthly invoice.
  • Please don’t forget to provide correct mileage of your car upon
    each fueling (mileage has to be entered in POS terminal before
    PIN code, if requested).
  • In order to prevent your fuel credit card abuse, always keep
    the PIN code in a safe place.
  •  In case you have forgotten or lost your PIN code, Ayvens will
    issue you a new fuel credit card or/and re-send the PIN code.

NB! If your fuel card is LOST or STOLEN:

  • ALWAYS inform Ayvens the same day within working hours or
    the next working day by phone No +372 630 8960;
  • if this case happened outside our working hours, please call
    IMMEDIATELY to Fuel Suppliers in order to block the fuel card:CIRCLE K (24/7) – phone No +372 675 7777
    NESTE (24/7) – short phone No 1424,
    from abroad phone No +372 630 4165
    ALEXELA (24/7) – phone No +372 6003 311
    OLEREX (24/7) – phone No +372 6100 100
    ELEPORT (24/7) – phone No +372 6003 311
Washing services

Washing services

Useful information

Useful information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Customer Service
Phone No: +372 630 8960